Saturday, November 12, 2016

Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro 4k Gameplay

Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro 4k Gameplay

Watch Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro 4k Gameplay

Check out the new Final Fantasy XV Judgement Disc Demo running on the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Transcript Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro 4k Gameplay Video :

welcome back to another year for ps4 pro and also Final Fantasy 15 so on the Japanese playstation network store, there is the judgment disc demo for final fantasy themed, you download that you can check it out but if you have a ps4 pro then the demo also has no support because fundamentally what date is of course one of the future supported titles when it does come out and of course in the demo it can take advantage of the ps4 pro and in this video much like all the ones i've been doing recently we are going to do a comparison however this time there are gonna be 3 different comparisons because if you place on the peaceful program there are actually two options you can either select the high-quality mode which basically register the game with visual enhancements but a locked frame rate however if you select the lightweight mode it renders it with an unkempt frame rate and of course minus those visual and hands so on the peaceful pro there are two options and of course if you're playing on the original piece for then there's just me based options so in this video we are going to compare ps4 pro high quality vs ps4 pro lightweight and ps4 1080p so those two comparisons they will all be labeled throughout the video we are going to jump between a few different segments in the demos trying to you guys ate good sample some of the cutscene some of the game place of the open-world stuff so hopefully this gives you really good idea of what the game looks like some other ones i've been doing recently it's probably one of the ones that is most obvious where the differences are especially when you see the split screen so hopefully this will give you an idea of what the peaceful protest capable of also just before I move on i'm gonna be doing another giveaway in this video if you guys do with yourself some playstation network points so you can buy yourself a game it made myself final fantasy 15 when it comes out they don't need to do is hit the like button on this video and comment down below and let me know what you're most looking forward to in Final Fantasy 15 gonna run this competition for a couple weeks and i'll announce the winner in the comments anyway thanks for watching enjoy the rest of this i'll catch you next time.


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